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Let's Go Native without Covid-19

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Now more than ever, children need social contact and stimulation that Language Holidays can bring. This disruption to normal life (face-to-face schools, cancelled holidays abroad, sickness of loved ones) can really take it's a toll on a person, especially children.

The decision to allow the youth camps to continue did not come easily. There has been extensive consultation with the experts and the show is allowed to go on. The Let's Go Native team has been trained to take extra precautions, more than advised by the government, to ensure the safety of all children and team members at the Language Holiday.


Some precautions taken for our

Language Holidays

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  1. You will be sent a Covid-19 declaration form 24 hours prior to the Language holiday to confirm that nobody in your household currently has symptoms.

  2. Any student that arrives with symptoms that are consistent with Covid-19 must have a negative Covid-19 result from the past 24 hours.

  3. When possible, activities of the language holiday are outside. Windows will be open to provide full ventilation when activities are indoors.

  4. Facemasks will be worn when in an area occupied by persons, not from our bubble.

  5. Hand sanitisation and washing will be mandatory before and after every lesson, activity, and meal.

  6. Social distancing will be observed when outside of the centre or among persons not from our bubble.

  7. The team is trained to be extra alert when assessing symptoms during the camp, such as fever.

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Social Distancing at the

Language Camp

  1. Students will not have to keep social distance within their bubble. This means all activities run normally with contact between the participants of the same bubble. Students can learn, play, eat, and sleep within their own bubble and without contact with any other bubbles or groups.

  2. Covid-19 has been taken into account when choosing the kind of activities and we're confident that there hasn't been a compromise in the quality of the language holiday. Contact with people outside of our bubble is avoided and extra attention is paid to social distancing and the use of mouth masks when contact is unavoidable. 

  3. During the drop off and collection of students, parents/guardians will be given extra instruction by the team to limit contact. This will happen outside where possible.


Sickness During the

Language Holiday

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Our team has a fixed procedure if a student becomes ill and full precautions are taken. A quarantine room is assigned at all of our locations so if there is a suspicion of infection, the student can be separated until given the all-clear by a medical professional. Roommates of the sick student will also be quarantined in their bedroom (with fun room based activities) until the medical professional advises on the steps to be taken. This means, among other things, that the parent or guardian may be asked to pick up the student, should it be advised by the medical professional.


When you're exhausted you are more likely to get sick. To avoid this, the team ensures that everyone can get enough rest during the language holiday. If it appears that a student has, or had, Covid-19, parents, and guardians will be contacted by the tracing inspectors.

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Children in

Risk Groups

If you believe a student is of a particular risk group for Covid-19, please take advice from your doctor prior to booking a language holiday. For some risk groups, it is sufficient to give permission as a parent or guardian for a student to participate in the language holiday, usually when it's a chronic disease that is controlled with medication. For other risk groups, permission from the doctor is required to participate.


We understand that as a parent or guardian you may have doubts, always consult the doctor who can assess with you if and how it is possible for a student to join the language holiday. Wherever possible, we will apply extra precautions for a student of high risk so they can participate in our language holiday.

Should you have any further concerns or questions regarding Covid-19, please contact us here.

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