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Westelbeers, NL

Free Spirit

The funnest, most educational and safest camps... Guaranteed!

 21/07/2024 - 27/08/2024


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7 Days

11-18 years

Westelbeers, NL


Full Board

Immersion English

All English levels welcome!

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Autonomous Arrival or our Bus Transfer

Join us at Westelbeers this July for a thrilling week of English immersion set in the vast, beautiful outdoors of North-Brabant, close to the Belgian border. As the best camp for immersive English, we’re perfectly suited for kids with boundless energy. Our six hectares of land are not just expansive playing fields but a natural classroom where your child will engage in activities like raft building and games in our large playpond, all while absorbing English naturally.

The magic doesn’t stop with daytime adventures. Evenings at camp bring cozy campfires with marshmallows, delicious BBQs, and visits from local food trucks, creating an atmosphere where camaraderie and English conversation thrive. Our supportive environment allows every camper to feel safe, happy, and involved, making learning English an unconscious and enjoyable part of their daily adventures.

Spaces are filling up quickly for a summer packed with action, learning, and laughter. At Westelbeers, we prioritize safety, comfort, and an English-speaking environment, ensuring that your child returns home with improved language skills and cherished memories. Book now to give your child the experience of a lifetime at the best English immersion camp around!

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When your daughters arrive home and their first comment is: we just need a night to really sleep and then we can go again.. it means that they had a great time. Now 3 days after still talking about things that they experienced. Very positive. Next year, again!

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Have any questions before booking?

Contact Mattias who is always happy to help!

Give us a call at +32 4925 40544 or send us an email at

Or if you're ready to give them a life-changing experience, register online now!

Language camp programme:

This holiday's programme takes full advantage of having six hectares of space at our disposal. We will be outside as much as physically possible, however, in our building we have a 160m² activity room should the weather have its own plans. Whether it's beach volleyball, table tennis, or having a dip in the pond, students have plenty of activities to choose from in their free time. This holiday will (normally) include: - English sessions / Projects every day - Sports session (given in English, of course) - Water fun - Lasershoot - Raft building / Sailing - Archery - Orienteering - Cinema and pizza pajama night - Various Evening Activities - Party Night + much more!!

General or Project English:

The course options only apply to our English learning sessions. Regardless of their chosen course, all students will participate together in other camp activities, including meals, sports, and evening entertainment, ensuring a cohesive and inclusive camp experience for everyone. General English Course - Level: Suitable for all levels. - Focus: Rapid improvement in English proficiency, ideal for any level of student. - Method: Combines classroom-based lessons with activity-based learning for full English immersion. Sports and evening activities, like cinema nights and team challenges, are all conducted in English. - Classroom Approach: Engaging and relaxed, using fun, skills-based learning techniques rather than traditional methods. Classes are level-specific, but other activities mix all students. - Benefits: Enhances English language skills in a supportive environment, boosts self-confidence, and emphasizes having fun while learning. Project English Course - Level: Best for pre-intermediate or higher. - Focus: Improves English skills in a non-traditional setting, ideal for those seeking an alternative to classroom learning. - Method: Students participate in group projects and activities, focusing on communication, independent learning, time management, and teamwork. - Activities: Creative and teamwork-oriented, involving presenting and fun elements. - Benefits: Develops confidence in English communication, fosters independent and team-based learning skills, and ensures a fun and interactive learning experience. All participants will have an enriching experience no matter which option you choose. If we notice that a student could benefit more from the other option during the camp, our staff will consult with the camp director to change their group.

Registration and Cancellation:

At Let's Go Native, we understand that sometimes plans need to change. To accommodate this, we offer a fair and transparent cancellation policy for our camps. Upon registration, a €200 deposit is required to secure your child’s spot in our English camps. This deposit is crucial for our planning and organization, ensuring we can deliver the best experience for every camper. As the camp date approaches, we will reach out for the remaining balance and any applicable transport fees. While we aim to be as flexible as possible, the deposit is non-refundable if we cannot fill your child’s place at the camp. In terms of the balance, it is fully refundable where possible. However, if cancellation occurs within two weeks of the camp start date and we are unable to fill the vacated spot, we will issue a credit note for a future camp instead of a refund. This credit note will provide you with the flexibility to book another enriching experience with us at a more convenient time. We appreciate your understanding and are committed to working with you to ensure the best possible outcome in case of unforeseen changes to your plans.

Our Philosophy:

At Let's Go Native, we see every teenager as a unique individual with immense potential. We believe that the journey to mastering English, or any language, begins with building self-confidence. That's why our approach is centered around nurturing this vital trait in each young person who joins us. Parents often share their amazement with us, saying, "Wow, I never thought my teenager would progress so quickly and in such a short time." It's a testament to the effectiveness of our methods and the environment we create. Our secret ingredient? A perfect blend of immersive learning, fun, and activity-based education, all delivered with meticulous attention to detail. Safety, learning, and endless fun are the three unshakeable pillars of every Let's Go Native camp. Whether in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, or France, we ensure each camp is buzzing with energy, discovery, and laughter, contributing to an atmosphere that's uniquely ours. Imagine your child engaging in exciting activities, going on excursions, and participating in sports, all while enhancing their English skills in the most natural and enjoyable way. Our camps are designed for all, from beginners to almost bilinguals, ensuring that every participant, aged 11 to 18, has the ultimate language experience. Plus, with convenient transport options from France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, we make joining our camps as effortless as possible. Choose Let's Go Native for a language holiday where your child will not only learn English but might just start dreaming in it too! Don't miss out – spaces fill quickly! Register your child now and watch them thrive with Let's Go Native.
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