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Our Vision & Philosophy

While the primary objective is to acquire English, we also want to build all-around confidence. We work hard to create an amazing ambiance so all students feel comfortable and secure enough to be themselves.

Unlike other language summer schools, Let's Go Native inspires students to speak English, rather than severely forces them. At Let's Go Native camps, students should speak English at all times, if they don't student's are encouraged to do so with 'funishments', rather than severe tactics employed at other summer schools. If students want to be there and are happy, then they will learn... It's that simple! This amazing ambiance, partnered with years of school and university level language acquisition experience, means we're able to offer the most effective educational experience available, with the most fun! Win-Win.

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Let's Go Native: A Brief History

Let’s Go Native was founded by UK-born, Simon Sewell. Having worked across Europe and the world delivering language camps for several years, Simon gained a fantastic reputation for his caring, dynamic and innovative approach to camp management and language acquisition.


Let’s Go Native was born due to the fact that Simon identified there was a huge need for a language camp in Europe that was able to maintain a consistently high level of quality, safety, educational benefit, and fun. Having spent years working for other camp organisations, it was clear that other organisations often lacked in some, or all, of these areas.


Let’s Go Native camps transcend the traditional (old-fashioned) camp delivery that you can find elsewhere, focusing on building the confidence of every student which allows for successful language acquisition. Using innovative Activity Based Learning techniques partnered with best practices borrowed from Cambridge University English.


Fun, confidence, and happiness are big parts of our methodology, put simply, if the student wants to be there and enjoys the activities, they'll learn.

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Our Team

Behind every successful language holiday is a successful team. It's impossible to have a happy holiday without happy staff so, at Let's Go Native, our team is made up of diverse, dynamic, motivated, responsible, fun, and inclusive language experts.

We like to develop and nurture our talented staff so they stay in the Let's Go Native family for many years to come. If you want to become a part of the team, click here to upload your CV.

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