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As you can see in our testimonials, our aim is to have every student to (1) have such a good time they don't want to go home at the end, and (2) to return home having had an unforgettable experience with a newfound confidence in English and in themselves!


To be able to fully execute our immersion philosophy, everyone is expected to try to speak English for the entire holiday. The Let's Go Native team will always be able to help with this, be it by miming, explaining, and encouraging. If a student is in real distress, we will obviously allow them to speak their mother tongue at that moment.


However, if a student is consistently speaking their mother tongue, and our many tried and tested methods do not work to encourage them, we may contact the parents for advice on finding a suitable solution.

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Mobile Phones

Whether we like it or not, mobile phones are a part of every young person's life. At Go Native, we allow students to bring their GSM. We have realised that phones can be used as a tool to learn and have actually developed exercises where students can use them (albeit heavily monitored).


We don't allow mobile phones to ruin our ambiance, if we see students using them during every break, we'll confiscate it for breaks. If we see students using it at bedtime when they should be sleeping, we'll confiscate it at bedtime. Students will be given the rules about mobile phones at the start of the holiday and sign a verbal contract to use it responsibly... or else!!!


On a Let's Go Native Language Holiday, we are all a big family, from the first hello, until the (very sad) goodbye. The atmosphere on Let's Go Native camps is unmatched by any other summer camp organisation. It can only be maintained if everyone treats each other, their temporary home, and the materials with respect.


We rely on everyone to take good care of each other. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying or hurtful behaviour. We will always attempt to rectify any situation at the time, however, the team will contact parents or guardians if they deem it necessary.

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Smoking, drugs & alcohol

Smoking is not permitted for participants under the age of 18. If a student is 18, we only allow smoking if the parents or guardian have given written permission for this in advance. Smoking is never done during activities or in front of any other student. If these rules are broken, all cigarettes will be confiscated until the end of the camp. We have an absolute zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs!

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