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The prices of our language holidays include the following: accommodation, meals, teaching materials, and excursions (unless stated otherwise). Personal expenses during the language holiday are not included.


We understand that we are living in a very uncertain time so we do not want to add to the stress and uncertainty.

Cancellation by Let's Go Native: In the event of cancellation of a language holiday or language camp due to circumstances beyond our control, we will propose a different language holiday. If the proposed alternative is impossible, the sum already paid will be refunded.


Cancellation by the customer: A full refund will be provided, no questions asked, until a calendar month before the Language Holiday. After this time, a 50% refund will be given. A week before the Language Holiday only a voucher for a future camp will be issued. If there are extraordinary circumstances, appeals and disputes will be processed on a case-by-case basis.

All cancellations should be made in writing, by e-mail.

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You can register via the website. When registering for a language holiday, this automatically implies for parents and students:


  1. that they have read and approved the code of conduct for the language holidays

  2. that they agree to the publication of photos of language holidays on the website and social media.

After registration, an account is created on Here you can access and edit all of your personal information.


Please check each language camp for the specific transport information for that holiday.

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Let's Go Native Ltd has full public liability insurance so each participant is covered (after exhaustion of any family insurance). The maximum guarantee is € 1,000,000 for material and physical damage, with a deductible of €200 for material damage. Please note: we are not insured against theft or loss of objects. In this case, you should consult your insurance agent. Our insurance also covers medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, and hospital costs, even if civil liability is not invoked. This cover is limited to € 200,000 per accident abroad and € 1,200 in the Netherlands, after exhaustion of the intervention of the "Sickness-Disability" insurance.

Final guidelines

The Language Holiday specific guidelines will be available on the website account page no later than a month before the start of the language holiday. There you will find all the information with the timetable for departure and return, the necessities, the contact details for the accommodation, Covid-19 declarations and medical forms to be completed.

Should you have any further questions , please contact us here.