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Goirle, NL

11 - 14 years
15 -18 years

Winter Active 1 : 18/02/24
Winter Active 2 : 25/02/24

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Date 1: 18/02/2024 - 24/02/2024

Date 2: 25/02/2024 - 02/03/2024

Location: Goirle, NL

Travel: Bus from Paris, Lille & Brussels *(€150)

Accommodation: Shared Rooms

Language: Immersion English

Dive into an immersive English experience this February in Goirle! Engage in thrilling multimedia projects, from creating adverts to news reports, using state-of-the-art equipment like drones, gimbals, GoPros, and microphones. This camp is not just about English; it's a fusion of creativity, interaction, and physical activity.

Situated in North-Brabant, close to the Belgian border, our venue offers the perfect mix of learning and fun. Its proximity to a local town allows students to interact with locals, ensuring real-world English practice. Our expansive sports hall and garden cater to diverse physical activities, all conducted in English under the expert guidance of our native instructors.

Meals are hearty and delicious, ensuring our students are always well-fed and energized. Plus, with fruits and healthy drinks available 24/7, no one will be left feeling peckish! Throughout meal times, our dedicated team ensures English remains the language of choice at every table. If you have specific dietary needs, simply let us know.

Evenings come alive with engaging activities, creating a close-knit community of learners. Check out our diverse courses, find your fit, and book a spot today. Spaces are filling fast!


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This holiday's programme fully utilises having full reign of the ActiveStay centre. Having our own sports hall within the centre means that students are free to play games and sports in their break time (if their lessons have left them with extra energy). For those students who would prefer to relax in downtime, our chill area is full of games, activities, and even a guitar if we have a showperson among us.

This holiday will (normally) include:


  • English lessons/projects every day

  • Sports sessions (given by our English sports teachers)

  • Movie night (Popcorn & Pyjamas)

  • Lasershoot

  • Movie Making Project

  • Trip to the the Safari

  • Trip to the swimming pool

  • Trips to the centre of Goirle and the forest

  • Cinema and pizza pyjama night

  • Various Evening Activities

  • Party Night

  •  + much more!!

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General English
Level - All levels

This language holiday has been designed to make sure students eat, sleep, and breathe English!


It's perfect for any student who wants to improve their English quickly, whatever their level. We use the optimal mixture of classroom-based lessons and activity-based learning to deliver a full English immersion experience... Even the sports sessions are in English!


The classroom lessons in this camp are not like traditional school lessons. Our native experts use fun skills-based learning techniques so students get to really practice their English in a chilled and supportive environment. While students will be placed in classes depending on their English level, they will be mixed for all other activities.


Our fun evening activities are totally in English and include things such as team challenges, cinema nights, and tournaments. All activities are based on teamwork and encourage students to work together to build self-confidence, speak English, and most importantly, have fun.

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Project English
Level: Pre-intermediate or higher

The traditional classroom isn't for everyone. This is perfect for students who would like to improve their English skills outside of the traditional classroom setting. Students will be guided through group projects and activities that focus on building confidence in communicating, developing independent learning, refining time management skills, and developing teamwork skills.


All of the activities will contain a mixture of creativity, teamwork, presenting, and most importantly, fun.


There will be several projects and activities that students will be guided through, including:


  • The Apprentice business project

  • Government resource allocation project

  • Movie making project

  • Critical thinking activities

  • Creative writing activities


Our fun evening activities are totally in English and include things such as orienteering, team activities, movie nights, and tournaments. All activities are based on teamwork and encourage students to work together to build self-confidence, speak English, and most importantly, have fun.

Goirle Map
At Let's Go Native, we understand that plans can change, and we strive to provide a fair and transparent cancellation policy for our valued customers.
A €200 deposit should be paid at the time of registration to secure your booking for our English camps. This deposit helps us to plan and organise our camps effectively, ensuring the best possible experience for all participants.

We will contact you closer to the camp date for the remaining balance and any applicable transport fees. The deposit is fully refundable unless we cannot replace your place at the camp.

Find our full cancellation policy
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