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Let's Go Native!

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At Let's Go Native, every teenager is unique, and we understand that! It's a wonderful challenge to get to know each young person who joins us. Did you know that the first step to mastering a language is self-confidence? That's why we help each young person to build up their self-confidence before diving into the subtleties of English. At the end of every language stay, the phrase we hear from parents is: "Wow, I never thought my teenager would progress so quickly and in such a short time". Many parents are surprised by how quickly their teenager has progressed in English during our language holidays.


So what's our little extra? We offer a great mix of immersion, fun, activity-based learning, and a passion for attention to detail. Whether it's learning, fun, or safety. And do you know what? We also work directly with schools giving workshops in English. And just to make sure they never lose track, we offer online support throughout the year with our super teachers, all native speakers.

The really great thing? Even though you, dear parents, are often the first to discover us, it's your teenager who insists on coming back every summer! When you choose our language camps, you're relying on a team that believes that the best way to learn is to have fun. Your feedback, their smiles, and their success is what motivates us every day to give our very best to each and every one of them.


Our Language Holidays & Language Camps

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Whether it's a language colony, a language camp or a language study holiday, three pillars remain unshakeable: safety, learning and, of course, endless fun!


With Let's Go Native, every camp is full of energy, discovery and laughter. The only time our youngsters won't be speaking English is when they're asleep... and we bet they'll even be dreaming in English!


Whether you're 11 or 18, a beginner or almost bilingual, our camps are tailor-made to offer the ultimate language experience. Exciting days with a variety of activities, excursions, sport and much more await every participant.


Whether the camp is in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium or France, every stay has that unique, friendly atmosphere that is so characteristic of Let's Go Native. And guess what? We also provide transport from France, Belgium and the Netherlands, to make your trip as easy as possible.


Ready to dive into the adventure? Find out more about our language courses here:


Let's Go Native has the best
language camps

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Fun and Innovative Learning Methods!

Unlike other language holidays, we really focus on language acquisition so every student gets the most out of the course!

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Different course options for different types of learner!

The traditional classroom is not the best way for every student to learn English so we've developed different courses to get the most out of every student!

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If you've been to one of our language camps before, you already know that the ambiance is unlike any other camp available!

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Fun and Experienced Staff!

Our team is like a little family. If we’re having fun at the camp, students will have fun. We’re available 24/7 to teach, play, help, and empower.





Having the boost of our expert native online tutors, providing bespoke support, can significantly help in a surprisingly short amount of time. Whether the goal is to pass exams, improve conversational fluency, or improving academic proficiency for studies, our native experts can definitely help. 


Deposits, Cancellations and our Language Holidays

At Let's Go Native, we understand that plans can change, and we strive to provide a fair and transparent cancellation policy for our valued customers.


A €200 deposit should be paid at the time of registration to secure your booking for our English camps. This deposit helps us to plan and organise our camps effectively, ensuring the best possible experience for all participants.

We will contact you closer to the camp date for the remaining balance and any applicable transport fees. The deposit is fully refundable unless we cannot replace your place at the camp.

Find our full cancellation policy here.

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