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Chester Camp: English Immersion Holiday for Teens - Summer 2024

Chester camp 2024

Our Philosophy: Building Confidence Through Language

At Let's Go Native, we believe that the key to mastering a new language lies in building self-confidence. Our Chester Camp is designed not just as a language learning opportunity but as a holistic adventure that encourages teenagers to step out of their comfort zone. By immersing them in a supportive, English-speaking environment, we foster rapid progress in their language skills, confidence, and independence. Our past participants' experiences speak volumes: "Wow, I never thought my teenager would progress so quickly and in such a short time."

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Chester Camp 2024: A Blend of English and Sports

Set in the historic city of Chester, UK, our English & Sports adventure offers a unique combination of interactive English learning and thrilling sports activities. With two camps in August 2024, including specialised streams for hockey and football, we cater to every teenager's interests. Whether your child is a beginner or almost bilingual, they will find a place with us.

Date 1: 05/08/2024 - 14/08/2024

Date 2: 15/08/2024 - 24/08/2024

Price: €1350

The Ultimate Immersion Holiday for Teens

Our Chester Camp isn't just a language camp; it's a holiday for teens designed to immerse them in the English language while they engage in various activities. From multimedia projects using cutting-edge technology to explorations of Liverpool's vibrant culture and relaxing beach days in Wales, every day is an adventure. Our campers enjoy full board accommodations at the University Campus in Chester, complete with ensuite rooms and access to excellent sports facilities.

Why Let's Go Native Stands Out

What makes our Chester Camp the funnest, most educational, and safest option for your teen? Our unwavering commitment to safety, learning, and endless fun. With our native English-speaking staff guiding them, your teenager will enhance their English skills, build lasting friendships, and develop valuable life skills in a dynamic setting.

"To Chester for the second time! English levels increased, they

have grown in every sense, becoming even more independent,

interacting with children from different countries. The children

view the trip as a great gift and will never forget it."

- Check out more of our 5-star reviews.

Ready to Register?

Spaces for our Chester Camp 2024 are filling fast. Don't miss this opportunity for your teenager to enjoy a summer filled with growth, exploration, and unforgettable memories. Register now and secure a spot for your child in this transformative experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Choose an English Immersion Camp for Your Teen?

English immersion camps offer a unique blend of learning and adventure, making them an excellent choice for teens. They provide a real-world context to practice language skills, enhancing fluency and confidence more effectively than traditional classroom settings.

How Can a Summer Camp in Chester Boost My Teen's English?

Our Chester camp focuses on immersive English learning experiences, where teens engage in everyday conversations, activities, and excursions in English. This constant exposure improves their listening, speaking, and comprehension skills, providing a significant boost to their language proficiency.

What Makes Let's Go Native's Chester Camp Unique?

What sets our Chester camp apart is the combination of English learning with sports activities, all set in the picturesque and historic city of Chester. Our program is designed to cater to all levels of English, from beginners to advanced, ensuring personal attention and a supportive learning environment for every camper.

Can Beginners in English Benefit from an Immersion Camp?

Absolutely. Beginners find our immersion camp particularly beneficial as it provides them with a supportive, English-only environment that encourages them to step out of their comfort zone and practice the language in a variety of contexts, significantly speeding up the learning process.

What Activities Can Teens Expect at an English and Sports Camp?

Teens at our Chester camp can look forward to a range of activities that not only bolster their English skills but also keep them physically active and engaged. From football and hockey streams to multimedia projects, educational trips, and sports, there's something for every interest. These activities are designed to be fun and engaging, encouraging teens to use English in real-life situations.


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