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Immersive English Language Experiences 2024: The Perfect Alternative to UK School Trips!

In light of the challenges posed by Brexit for school trips to the UK, Let's Go Native offers an attractive alternative: language vacations and internships in 2024 that provide a profound English immersion experience.

 L’Alternative Parfaite aux Voyages Scolaires au Royaume-Uni

English Immersion, Close to Home

Our language camps are designed to recreate an authentic English environment, with direct interactions with native speakers. This provides an excellent alternative to traditional school trips to the UK, especially considering the logistical and financial challenges posed by Brexit.

Creative Projects and Confidence Building

Our camps focus not only on language acquisition but also on developing self-confidence and social skills. With projects like film and podcast creation, we offer a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment.

Safety and Fun in Our Camps

We ensure a safe, inclusive, and dynamic learning environment. Our experienced and dynamic staff ensure that each student feels at home and can make the most of their stay.

Positive Feedback from Parents and Students

Discover the enthusiastic feedback from parents and students about our camps, such as this review: "Incredible! My teenager learned so much in such a short time."

Contact Us

For more information about our 2024 programs and how we can help your school, email us at or call us at +32 4925 40544.


Our language camps offer an excellent and affordable option for schools looking for an alternative to English language trips to the UK. With Let's Go Native, we create an educational and unforgettable experience that rivals a stay in the UK.


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